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Since fpotw has resurfaced, I guess it’s only fair to play once again.  And in honor of my recent dabbling in Twitter, here’s a lil something from Gorgias

SOCRATES: Just what is needed, Gorgias. Give me a demonstration of your talent for brevity and let the opposite wait for another occasion.

GORGIAS: Very well; I’ll force you to admit that you have never heard anyone more concise.

S: Come then: you say that you understand the art of oratory and can make orators of others.  What is the object with which oratory is concerned? Weaving for example is concerned with the production of clothes, is it not?

G: Yes.

S: And music with the creation of melodies?

G: Yes.

S: My word, Gorgias, your answers are an absolute miracle of brevity, I must say.

G: Yes, I think I’m pretty good at brevity, Socrates.


Written by kimlacey

March 2, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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