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Once again, I’ve been tagged by MLM.  Here it goes.

January: I’m not really sure anything really happened in January.  Jeff and I celebrated xmas much after the fact (thank you financial aid check), and that was really fun.  I also spent some great time at the gym, but that’s really it.

February: Arguably much tougher than Jan ’cause Jeff’s mom died.  Put a lot of things into perspective (i.e. my strengthened faith in science), and maybe hardened my inherent pessimism.

March: Trip to Washington D.C. and a new apartment–both great.

April: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the freshest cereal

May: Seattle and, of course, my b-day (haha time!  You haven’t turned me 30 yet!)

June: I don’t know. Nothin’ really.

July: Ditto.

August: Ditto^2

September: Jeff turned 30 (sucka).  Cool party, though

October: Nashville

November: Charlotte; Rediscovering my love for Woodchuck Cider (to the dismay of the beer drinker still in me somewhere); “The Nightman Cometh”

December: Passing my QE; finishing the semester; day off on xmas

Overall, not really that exciting of a year.  Both Jeff and I were just saying that 2008 was kind of a drag.  Oh, well.  It’s almost over.  2009 should be kinda cool (hopefully…)


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December 23, 2008 at 11:42 am

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