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The Phelps Effect

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One of my major downfalls is that I pretend that I’m an athlete, or at least athletic, or somewhat badass.  It’s all talk.  And since I never test those skills (except for last week’s softball game which resulted in a massive bruise on my left calf as I stopped a line drive with my leg), I can only joke around that I am.  Growing up as a band geek, physical athleticism, much less coordination, was never my forte.  (It was more my mezzo piano, to keep with the band theme.)  But at the gym this morning, I realized that I’m not alone.  In what I’m calling The Phelps Effect, I, along with a dozen or so (there’s usually only half that many people working out in the a.m. at my small gym), decided we, too, could take home 8 gold medals simply by battling the squat machine (or whatever else always seems to rock us).  Well, I left without that gold medal (I know, you’re surprised just like me), or any medal for that matter, damnit.  Now it’s back to reality…but pretending is so much cooler.


Written by kimlacey

August 12, 2008 at 10:39 am

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