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These two shows have been ruling my tv lately. Although, I can’t feel totally comfortable watching them. Jeff and I keep saying, “Wow, can you believe that people used to act like this? That they treated women like that?” Yet, that’s all we’re watching. Are television viewers craving a patriarchal nostalgia? If we’re watching programs imitating the attitudes of the past, it doesn’t seem much of a step to (re)appropriate those attitudes.

This reminds me of some of the Jameson that I’ve been reading (oh so diligently) for the QE. Are we, as Jameson writes, thinking “of the present historically?” Are our post(post)modern viewing habits also illustrative of “the consumption of sheer commodification as a process”? But my fear is an affective consumption, right? I’m frightened because I fear that people will actually “remember” that they “enjoyed” those attitudes. Although, when we see such anachronistic-ity, it’s truly a reflection of a current situation. So, ultimately my fears are already founded (but we knew that already)…regardless, and as hypocritical as this sounds, I’m going to continue to watch the Mad Men marathon (even though it’s On Demand, I feel less guilty that I’m watching TV and it “happens” to be on rather than “purposely” tuning in).


Written by kimlacey

July 20, 2008 at 2:37 pm

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