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You see, before my life as a grad student, I was a server. As I was listening to this story on the ride home last night, I realized that I’ve been in grad school longer than my tenure at Outback, and I’m halfway through that six year tenure as a server. The day I got accepted to grad school (March 12, 2005 in case you’d like to celebrate), I remember thinking that I wanted every table to know that I was smart, and not just another person bringing them their food. I connected with the lady in the story–she’s a writer and was a housecleaner. Two careers that both pay the bills but don’t really connect. It made me smile that I’ve out lasted the Outback phase in grad school. It’s self-gratifying, if not anything else.


Written by kimlacey

April 17, 2008 at 2:36 pm

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